Why Brent Landlords Use Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

As with any type of investment, you want it to result in a profitable return. Property investment in the borough of Brent is no different, landlords want to maximise their return on investment whilst being as risk averse as possible.

A Guaranteed Rent Scheme helps them to do this. It guarantees a monthly rental income all year round, even when the property is vacant. This gives Brent landlords peace of mind which is especially important during these challenging times.

Read on to find out more about our Guaranteed Rent Scheme in the borough of Brent.

What is Guaranteed Rent in Brent?

Under our guaranteed rent scheme, Brent landlords give their consent for us to rent out their property. This is in exchange for a guaranteed monthly income, even if the property is empty or if the tenants are in arrears.

We then handle everything. In effect, we sublet their property to tenants and manage the property and tenancy for the property owner.

We will market the property to find suitable tenants and complete the tenancy administration. Our team even take care of any legal proceedings should it be necessary to evict someone from the property.

During the term of the lease, we will agree to be responsible for:

  • Maintenance problems
  • Compliance issues such as gas certificates and smoke alarms
  • Sorting out and keeping track of keys for tenants

As the property owner, you would have no direct relationship with any tenants. Our property management team take care of everything and guarantees you a monthly income.

Benefits of Guaranteed Rent in Brent

More and more Brent landlords are reaping the benefits of our guaranteed rent scheme. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • A ‘hands-off’ option for landlords with no time for the lettings process
  • The guarantee of a continuous, regular income with little or no risk
  • A lower chance of legal eviction proceedings
  • Less danger of having to sort out damage and repairs
  • Payments received even if the property has no tenants

Our guaranteed rent scheme can be very appealing to any landlords who’ve had previous experience in dealing with rent arrears or evictions. It immediately takes away the stressful and time-consuming aspects of letting properties.

Brent Landlords and Contracts

 At Regal Portfolio Management, we pride ourselves in being a highly reputable and professional business. Our contracts with Brent Landlords will always outline what we will take care of and how we can resolve any issues if they arise.

Our contracts will typically include details on:

  • Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance
  • Who is responsible for sorting out any relevant compliance documentation
  • The term of the agreement
  • The amount of rent that we can guarantee
  • The terms under which the renewal or termination of a lease can take place

Landlords who have mortgages should check the terms and conditions with their lender and insurers.

Our Brent Guaranteed Rent Scheme Could Be Your Best Move Yet

Are you a landlord looking to maximise your rental income? Do you want to save time letting and maintaining your rental property? Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme in the borough of Brent could be the perfect solution. Get in touch with our expert team today on 02084592530 or email rent@regalportfoliomanagement.co.uk, who will take you through our scheme in more detail.