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Top Tips For Getting Your Rental Property Up To Standard

If you are the owner of a well-maintained property and are looking to secure guaranteed income every month, even if the property is empty, then our Guaranteed Rent Scheme could be for you. With over 20 years of property management experience we can help you maximise...

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Why Tenants Prefer to Rent Managed Properties

Letting out your property can sometimes feel like a balancing act. Landlords want the best tenants, and tenants want the best from their landlords. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t always go according to plan. Landlords can have a tough time finding tenants that...

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Why Brent Landlords Use Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

As with any type of investment, you want it to result in a profitable return. Property investment in the borough of Brent is no different, landlords want to maximise their return on investment whilst being as risk averse as possible. A Guaranteed Rent Scheme helps...

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How The Eviction Ban May Affect Landlords

On Friday 8th January, it was announced that eviction bans in England have been extended. Evictions could have started again on Monday 11th January, but the latest announcement means eviction notices will not be served for another six weeks. Housing Secretary Robert...

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Changes To Green Homes Grant Scheme Good For Landlords

We know life is challenging for landlords, and it often feels as though there is no positive news for letting industry professionals. At Regal Estates, we are on your side. If you are looking for assistance or guidance in the Willesden rental market, or in the North...

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The dangers of Landlords Seeking their own Tenants

Being a landlord is tough, but we know many letting industry professionals are keen to do as much as they can by themselves. Some landlords take this approach to save money, while others do it because they want to manage every aspect. However, there are dangers...

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